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Emergency 24x7x365 Support

NAMEX NOC (Network Operations Center) is responsible for all technical activities and infrastructure development at NAMEX. NAMEX NOC takes care of services provisioning and setup, operations management and customer support regarding all technical aspects. If you need support regarding technical issues please use the contacts below.

Technical Support Summary

Phone:  +39 06 444 86 380
Mobile/Messaging:  +39 366 1202199
Hours:  09:00 to 17:00 CEST, Monday to Friday
24h Emergency:  +39 329 909 0629

Access to sites

NAMEX infrastructure is located within the following datacenters:

  • CAESAR c/o CINECA Via dei Tizii, 6B  - 00185 Roma, IT
  • TIBERIUS c/o Interxion Via di Tor Cervara, 282 - 00155 Roma
  • AUGUSTUS c/o Unidata Commercity Modules M25-M26 Viale Alexandre Gustave Eiffel, 100 - 00148 Ponte Galeria, Roma RM

Conduct and safety regulations for visitors at CINECA datacenter

While accessing the site, visitors are requested to comply with conduct and safety regulations established by CINECA. In particular, you are kindly request to carefully read the following documents:


Please follow the instructions below, download the request form, fill in and submit it to the following address:

Ordinary access
  • Scheduled, ordinary access to the site is granted during office hours (monday to friday, 8.00AM to 6.00PM) having sent a written request at least 24h in advance.

Off-hours, emergency access
  • Scheduled, off-hours access to site on business days is granted by sending a written request at least 24h in advance.

  • Unscheduled, extraordinary (emergency) access to site outside office hours is granted by calling H24 number +39.331-6105563 (CINECA) or +39 329-9090629 (NAMEX) and sending a written request at least 2h in advance

NOTICE: each extraordinary access will be invoiced according to the hourly fees as provided in the official price list.

Download the request form: PDF | XLS